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tess womack

This incredibly intelligent, servant-hearted, infectiously smiley lady just launched her blog and I am delighted to share it with you all. She is a joy. She is beautiful, inside and out. She is remarkable and humble and somehow keeps up with five (FIVE!) children without breaking a sweat. She is endearing and reminds me daily to love others in a way they don’t deserve because HE loves me in a way I don’t deserve.

More importantly, she is learned. She’s been to Bible School and we’re still best friends, so that should be a ringing endorsement to you all. I once attended an event where she was the only speaker and literally hundreds of women were there. Hundreds. She speaks with passion and fire and brings. the. truth. She is my hero and a defender of the faith.

Also a ringing endorsement: I have no children and yet her teaching resonates with me. She meets people where they are. It was a joy to help refine and focus the theme and design elements of her website. A pleasure to collaborate on one of my favorites’ calling.

Please head over to and peak at her three newest posts. Now let's all talk her into livestreaming a message because we all need a little encouragement in 2020 right?

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