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Tallulah is Native American and means "leaping waters". Faire is a French verb that means "to do or to make". Combine these two words and you get a brand full all things bright, effervescent, and bold.
From decorative pillows and textiles to jewelry and accessories, tallulah goods are made with passion and craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and special, reflecting the aesthetic of a vivid and well-curated life. 


Launched in 2011 as a women's clothing line, the tallulah brand now includes various product lines and a biweekly blog with a focus on design, color, and delightful moments from everyday life. Founder Heather Simmons also consults with creative businesses around the country. 


Heather works out of her design studio in Atlanta. Her adventures with her husband, randomly found treasures, and the great outdoors serve as inspiration on a daily basis. Concert-going and hiking run a close second to making art.


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