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It's Fall Y'all

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

While it's usually the land of the eternal summer over here at tallulah HQ, today we're trying on a new look. The past few months have been such a metaphorical dumpster fire filled with cancelled plans, longings to see loved ones, and missed opportunities for much needed beach time that it's time we turned our attention to the one season that can turn this year around: AUTUMN.

Autumn, we're counting on you to fulfill our socially-distanced outdoor dreams and provide appropriate weather for our sweater-scarf-and-boot layered lewks. We need crisp air and good hair days. We'd love to build a fire and bake pumpkin bread. We want to see the leaves change color before it snows. And for the love please send us SEC football.

I've included a little game of bingo for you as a treat. Can you black out the board?

Happy fall y'all.


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