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There are 3,575,897 things that I have to be thankful for. I am beyond #blessed and always experience safety, shelter from the cold, and love from my caring family. I haven't wondered if a check will bounce in years. I have a car that starts every time I crank it. I had espresso this morning. This post could go so many different directions, and hopefully all of them would be meaningful and sentimental and touch you in some way. But today, I am especially thankful for time.

This is the first Holiday season that I haven't worked retail in about a decade. I've spent the last three days painting and sewing and playing crosswords with my husband. As I'm writing this post, my husband is playing the piano in another room and I feel like I'm living out scenes from You've Got Mail. I'm heading home today, and will play croquet and cards and bake and watch movies with my extended family for five whole days. It's delicious to think about. I'm delirious with rest. Here's a comparison of this Thanksgiving with all the other versions of my adult life to give you an idea of how grateful I am:


1. To Do list: Hand paint ornaments while listening to Van Morrison. Try out new sweet potato recipes. Bake treats for my Madewell girls who are in the trenches right now. Take a walk around my neighborhood. Watch Netflix.

2. To Pack list: Sweaters and jeans and lots and lots of PJ's for my 5-day stay at Madre's house.

3. Holiday schedule: visit anyone I want -- I've got a whole week to give to each and every one of you!

4. Biggest stressor: Running out of acrylic paint and not wanting to visit the madness that is Hobby Lobby.

5. Self-care routine: Manicure on Sunday, yoga on Monday and Tuesday, longs walks with the hubs and pup, and three (count 'em three!) lavender baths.


1. To Do list: There isn't one. If I sleep, eat, and shower before heading back to work I'm winning.

2. To Pack list: Nothing. I'm at work until 10pm on Wednesday and have to be back at 5am on Friday, so I only get 15 hours total with everyone. I'll have to pick who to see based on logistics and will end up disappointing almost all of you.

3. Holiday schedule: hmmm let me check my work calendar to see when I'm scheduled. Because in retail you don't think in terms of off days; you think in terms of ON days, living in fear that you'll misread the schedule and somehow accidentally miss a shift and prevent the store from opening on time.

4. Biggest stressor: Lack of sleep. Aching feet from standing on concrete for 12 hours in heels. Basically your whole body hurts always.

5. Self-care routine: Dry shampoo. And waterproof mascara. And lots and lots of sugar.

So. You can see why I'm thankful for time this year. Time to sloooow down and rest and create and be imaginative. I'm thankful for nail polish and lavender and Pinterest recipes and bright red acrylic paint. I am not taking this time for granted, and I encourage you to think back over your life and focus on what's better this year than last. There has to be at least one area of your life that has improved; focus on that and give thanks. And if you can't think of one single thing (because life can be hard hard hard) call me, and we'll find it together. And we'll give thanks, together.

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