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SHORT RUNS | More of the same.

News flash: tallulah faire is transitioning into a short run business model. While I've always loved one-offs for their originality, exclusivity, and innate ability to keep me creatively disciplined, the downside for customers is the disappointment in not being able to snag an item before it's gone. I've received feedback from several customers who for example love the Kandè dress, but want it in a large, or wish they could buy two matching clutches as gifts for sisters, etc. I'm here to tell you that I hear you ladies!

You'll start to see more and more short run offerings on the site this season. While I will not be making 6,000 identical dresses in differing sizes (I'm still a one-woman show, folks) I will be offering multiple sizes of the same dress so that everyone can feel special. A "short run" is fashion-speak for limited quantities of a certain good or product. So while quantities will be limited to perhaps 6 total of one specific dress, that's still 5 more sizing options than what you're accustomed to with tallulah faire.

There are a few current offerings that are already available on the site under this new model, such as the Indigo Clutch. While each clutch will have slight variations due to the nature of dyed indigo, you can essentially buy 5 of this clutch and it will be identical to its friends. The Swing dress in Ikat is also already available in sizes XS-L. Quantities will always be limited, so you don't have to worry about seeing your favorite spring dress on 15 of your frenemies (though I truly hope you have zero). What you will have is options. Options in sizes, options in special occasion orders, options to buy for you and a bestie. And who doesn't love options? There's SO much coming down the pipeline —raincoats and beach cover ups and jumpsuits!!! — that I can't wait to share it with you in plural form!

I'll still continue to make the occasional one-off as a creative jump start to a new series or product line, and those special pieces will always be for sale. But I'm so happy to be able to gather your feedback and give you what you want, which for right now is MORE of the same thing.



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