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SPRING | 2016 Collection

April used to be my second least favorite month, trailing only behind the miserable and bitter mockery that is February. February is blah for obvious reasons, but I truly disliked April for it's disjointed and phonetically hard-A sound followed by "pril", which might as well have been "shrill" in my mind. Sorry - wordsmithing problem. Consider yourself lucky if the sound of words doesn't interest you. As luck and irony would have it, I was married in April 2014 at the most beautiful park in Savannah, and my view of April was forever changed.

It's now one of my favorite months, trailing only to the glory that is July. While March may claim the spring solstice, the weather is really too persnickety to count on until April. Flowers bloom, grass gets greener, and sunny weather marks the beginning of my desire for warm sun and bare shoulders. There's no better time than to release the first installment of the Spring | 2016 collection. Chock full of cheerful prints and colorful patterns, this bright and joyful collection is sure to get you jonesin' for Spring. Tribal patterns, mixing-and-matching, and saturated color were big influences for this season, as well as a focus on introducing new processes and techniques to the mix. Check out the behind-the-scenes shots below, and feel free to peruse my Pinterest Inspo board for this collection. And hang in there you Northerners and West Coasters - winter's almost over!


This is the first batch of indigo-dyed canvas I'd ever created, using the Shibori process.


While this layering necklace has long since found it's forever home, the color palette is one of my favorites. Everyone needs a good layering piece to mix in with their gold and shiny necklaces.


The Swing dress in Ikat is one of my new favorites. Here's the joyful and beautiful Sarah taking it for a spin. While I've styled it with a belt for waist definition on the product page, it really does have great volume worn without.

XOXO- Hezzy

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