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Madewell x tallulah faire

Today I'm recapping all the fun that was had at my Hometown Heroes event on Sunday afternoon at Madewell at The Summit Birmingham! I know that I have a huge amount of support from family and friends in building this little company, but Sunday I felt that support in a incredible way. SO many dear friends came by to shop, snack delicious treats, and just hug my neck. I met several new customers who are sure to be friends real fast. You guys show up. You guys know how to make people feel treasured. You guys really are the best. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for my tribe.

The old Madewell crew reunited! Hey girls hey!

Welcome baby Margot to the Madewell Club!

Jules saw my reminder Instagram post and literally turned around and headed to the Summit. Love you, Jules!

tallulah all popped up! A huge thank you to Amber at Newly Scripted for my gorgeous new sign! You have got to check out her work. Linked above.

Yummy insomnia cookies, San Pellegrino, and (my fave) La Croix for the win!

Madewell happened to release a new Spring update, so you better believe we all took advantage of 20% off our purchase. I went home with three new pairs of shoes. I have a problem, I know. All shoes are linked if you'd like a pair of your own!

Can't you tell it was the best day ever? Right?! Be sure to subscribe on the homepage to stay looped in on all events, giveaways, shop updates, and more. And thank you again for making this gal feel so loved.


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